The Wiz of Lud

Ethan's Eyes

Following a time warp of some sort and a total memory wipe as to how he got there, Ethan White wakes up in a room next to two other ‘people’ who seem to have fallen or spawned into some goo, leading to severe mutations….and an unmistakable and ever present corn-chips odor emanating from somewhere. The other two claim their names are Rick Steve and Winston. Before he can shake his grogginess a man in diving suit and a welding mask busts through the door and gives him some sort of shot against the ‘tinge’ without really asking Ethan whether he wants it…although clearly it is for the best if his other two compadres have this ‘tinge’. Accompanying the oddly dressed man are a bunch of spider bots who scuttle about the room. The party of three, after being abandoned by the man who has now identified himself as ‘Hank’, leave the room and find themselves in a store that is, after some poking around, perceived as some sort of time travel tourist agency. They definitely picked a bad time and place to vacation at! After stumbling upon some basic survival equipment and a quick/superficial handing out of the goods, the party leaves the ‘dome’ in which the agency…or whatever the hell it was…was in. Why didn’t they stick around longer to look for more supplies? Rick insisted upon touching everything, which apparently causes the place to slowly implode! The obvious danger of the situation seemed apparent when all the spider bots left their random scuttling and collectively left the building. Ethan was not too keen on sticking around for Rick to kill them all and insisted they go outside; Winston agreed. After exiting the building a masked figure with an asian accent takes a snapshot of the humanoid mutant rick and fucks off, appearing relatively pissed off at newly caused crumbling damage to the dome.
Hank is outside doing god knows what, so the party asks him for some information, gathering that the best way for them to get home and cure rick and winston of their mutations is to find a character called [] in Lud. Lud is, apparently, located very far down the yellow brick road on which the party found themselves outside the dome. To prepare for the journey ahead they barter with hank (it was with hank right, or was it someone else?) for some crude weaponry. After what felt like a severe scam Ethan ends up with a spear, a good length of rope, and the remainder of his personal belongings in his pockets. The party sets out down the road very soon they spot some odd looking figures down the road…they appear to be lizard men who have some sort of dog/alligator hybrid creatures with them. Ethan figures the best thing to do would be to try talk to them even if they look relatively primitive. Winston happily agrees to join him and the two go ask the lizard party what the deal is. Following the lizard response ‘meeaatt’ and hungry charge, an extremely long winded and unproductive fight ensues.

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